About Us

"I love it. It's like Apple and Microsoft had a baby."

Said a Lucidity client in the US.

We're passionate about helping organisations achieve their goals and making an impact. We've built, led and turned around organisations in mutliple sectors ourselves. We also have a collective 20 years of building easy to use strategy software products and tools that help organisations and teams build, plan, execute and track the progress of all sorts of visions, missons, goals, projects and initiatives. We must be doing something right as 20,000 people listen to us.

In Lucidity Studio, we've created an incredibly flexible platform that can help thousands of organisations achieve more. And we help our Studio customers run rudely healthy and helpful businesses. We love this combination of technology and business.
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Inspired by Spreadsheets?

Sadly, we know 87% of organizations are trying to manage the complexities of their strategies using spreadsheets. Like you, we also feel the energy drain out of us when we see one...

Running Things Globally With Powerpoint?

...and 94% of organizations are trying to manage complex global strategies involving multiple offices and people around the world using Powerpoint. Good luck with that.

Removing the friction around strategy and planning...

Life doesn't need to be complicated. You don't need to keep reinventing the wheel. So we have taken a fresh approach to make any sort of strategy and planning easy, fast and accessible. Our customers - clever people who know what their customers, members and portfolio's need - can build those tools, frameworks and playbooks in Lucidity Studio and distribute them at scale to their audiences. Monetizising strategy and planning is what we are about and we help our customers do that.
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Making Strategy and Planning...... profitable.

Having the right plan, well communicated and efficiently executed is the best way to make an impact. But too many teams with important visions lacked the experience, confidence or tools to build out a plan and make it happen. We recognized all the problems preventing strategies & plans from starting and succeeding so we've made it super easy to create these things and monetise them.  

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Hear from some of our amazing customers who use Studio to monetize strategy and planning.
"GrowCFO is delighted with Lucidity Studio and we enjoy a fantastic working relationship with their team, who are always incredibly helpful. It is great to work together to achieve GrowCFO's mission of getting CFOs more involved in the design, build and implementation of their company's strategy."
Dan Wells,
"Bâton Global has had experience with several strategic planning platforms and was immediately attracted to the elegant and simple design and operation of Lucidity Studio. Clients appreciate a robust set of functionality that can be widely shared instead of gatekept to a few, seat licensed users. Support from the Lucidity team is wonderful – they’re truly concerned with our ability to serve and support our clients.
Wade Britt
CEO, Baton Global
"Lucidity Studio is a great platform for Portalus, allowing us to create highly relevant and valuable propositions for our members that help their businesses move forward by saving them significant time and money. They can get into executing plans rather than trying to figure out what it is they need to do. The Lucidity team have been great in helping us shape the propositions."
Jim Roop
SVP Portalus

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