Accelerate Value Creation

Support your portfolio with best practice, whilst driving and tracking performance.
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Systematic Value Creation

Drive operational and performance improvements to increase organizational value across your whole portfolio.

Track Performance

Whatever KPIs, OKRs or any other qualitative or quantative indicators you want to track, you'll have quick access to live data in any of your portfolio business. Keep track of improvements, reductions, initiatives and projects - get into the weeds or keep it high level as you wish.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does this take to set up?
We can have you up and running and generating revenues in less that 30 days and we only need 4 days of your time to get someone trained, help you get your first propositions built and then launched.
Can we have a free trial?
Unfortunately not. This is a high value business activity (for you) that requires a lot of work (from us) and we can’t provide all of that technology, help and insight for free.
What's the commercial model?
We charge a set up fee and license the platform to you. Beyond that you are in control of creating and monetizing all your products and propositions and 100% of the revenue & profit is yours. Fill your boots.
Do you provide training and advice?
Yes we do. You just need about 0.5 day of training  to understand how to leverage the platform & create propositions. We are always happy to share advice and ideas on how you can create valuable propositions for your customers and drive revenue.
What’s the service model?
We are focused on all the technology and supporting you with a Helpdesk and other ongoing support. You are focused on creating and monetizing propositions that your customers love and looking after them. We have a vibrant roadmap the platform with all sorts of new functionality regularly added and that's included in the licence.

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